Benefits of Thermal Imaging

There are many benefits of using thermal imaging  for a wide range of building, electrical and mechanical applications. The key benefits include:

  • It reduces down time: There is no need to shutdown operational systems during a thermal audit allowing production to continue as normal
Benefits of Thermal Imaging
  • It saves money: By early detection of faulty systems or components, remedial work can be planned and conducted before more serious problems or damage occurs which may cause long and unexpected interruptions to vital operational systems.
  • It is fast and accurate: Thermal surveys can quickly scan and measure the temperature distribution of entire surfaces of machinery and electrical equipment under normal load conditions quickly and accurately with no need for lengthy preparation or pre-inspection work.
  • It is a totally non-invasive process: Thermal Imaging is non destructive and involves no physical contact  and consequently there is no potential for damage to the systems or equipment undergoing thermal surveys
  • It reduces the potential for serious health and safety issues to occur: Early detection of problems will reduce the potential for injury to staff and risk of fire
  • It has revolutionised predictive maintenance inspection programs:  By detecting problems and scheduling repairs before a major failure occurs, productivity, profitability and workplace safety are all increased.