Moisture Detection

Water leakage and excessive moisture such as heavy condensation can cause serious and long term damage to property and systems if it is not quickly detected. In many cases, water leakage or contamination from moisture is either hidden from normal view or imperceptible to the naked eye. As water has a particular infra-red signature against its surroundings, it can be easily and accurately located using thermal imaging.

Unlike traditional electronic moisture sensors that rely on measuring very localised voltage fluctuations, using thermal imaging is much more effective because large areas can be systematically surveyed within minutes with the imaging technology producing detailed and permanent intelligent survey records which can be easily visually interpreted, clearly identifying the location and boundaries of the problem.

Thermal imaging surveys can help with a variety of moisture related problems including:

  • Damaged water pipes
Thermal Imaging moisture
  • Underfloor water leakage
  • Leaks from storage tanks
  • Faulty seals and connections
  • Leaks from heating systems
  • Rain ingress in flat roofs and ceilings
  • Faulty window seals
Thermal Imaging moisture thermal
  • Problems with drainage and guttering
  • Faulty or missing damp proofing
  • Damp areas prone to mildew and fungal contamination
  • Retrospective checking of new plumbing or other remedial works