What is Thermal Imaging

What is Thermography?

Thermal imaging or Infrared thermography is an extremely powerful method of proactively monitoring and troubleshooting electrical, mechanical and structural systems which may have problems that remain undetected using standard visual inspection and diagnostic techniques. Quite simply, problems that can not be seen with the naked eye are clearly visible using thermal imaging.


How Does It Work?

Thermography operates by accurately measuring the infrared or heat energy of any target objects surface, producing a detailed Thermal Imaging house thermal imagevisual image showing its temperature profile in contrast with its immediate surrounding area.

Excessive heat output is a key signature that a mechanical or electrical system or component may be close to the point of failure or has the potential to cause a serious health and safety issue such as injury to staff or fire risk.

As thermal imaging is a totally non-invasive investigative process and operates without physical contact, it provides a quick and cost effective means to evaluate a systems’ or building’s operating integrity and is increasingly used an effective tool for predictive maintenance and retrospective checking of repairs to confirm the quality and integrity of remedial work.