Thermal imaging surveys can be easily applied to a wide range of issues that affect residential properties including, but not limited to:


  • Conducting home energy audits Thermal Imaging residential  thermal image
  • Heat loss through air leakage
  • Inadequate or missing insulation
  • Damage to external brickwork and cladding
  • Moisture detection on internal walls and ceilings
  • Hidden damage to flat roofs from water ingress
  • Heat loss through defective double glazing units and door seals
  • Checking the quality of repairs and remedial works
  • Under floor heating problemsThermal Imaging residential thermal
  • Electrical circuits and fuse boards
  • Household electrics including  mains circuits and fuse boards



Under Floor Heating

Early detection of problems will save money  on energy bills and reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs.

The use of thermal imaging technology in the home can also help prevent serious accidents through the reduction of fire risk and other health and safety issues.